Kelowna Spider Control & Removal

Despite being a movie title, Arachnophobia is a very real and common thing. The fear of spiders is everywhere and that’s why ¬†Toodaloo is available for your Kelowna spider control and removal.

Where To Spot Spiders

Spiders, as a species, are quite resourceful, finding ways not only to survive but to thrive as well. These arachnids can find their way inside through even the smallest of openings. Spiders also hitchhike in on various items such as firewood, groceries, yard equipment etc. Extreme temperatures bring spiders indoors, seeking shelter from the elements. Once inside will make their homes in small, dark and concealed places. Most large spider populations are inside garages, basements, attics, and closets.

Most spiders are small and harmless – but not all of them! Kelowna has seen a shockingly high number of black widow spiders popping up inside homes. This spider is bad news for residents. Black widows are defensive when their territory is invaded or disturbed. In most cases it is the female black widow who becomes defensive and has been known to bite. The consequences of black widow spider bite can range from pain and swelling all the way into muscles cramping or spasms, headaches, a spike in blood pressure or fever.

Kelowna Spider Control & Removal: Why You Should Call Toodaloo

The greatest part about calling in our Toodaloo technicians, aside from our guarantee of a job well done, is that you can be sure that our staff operate safely at all times. The safety of our staff and clients is always a number one priority and that is why all of our technicians are trained in safety methods and operate with eco-friendly materials and state of the art equipment.

Your Kelowna spider control and removal does not need to be a pain in the neck, just let our technicians flex the muscles for you. Call  or book an appointment online today, 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250)

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