Kitchener Carpenter Ant Removal

These little guys are as annoying as can be. And worse than that, they will destroy parts of your property in no time. Typically, by the time you realize there is a problem, they are already wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of your home or business. That’s right: I’m talking about carpenter ants. The enemies of property owners everywhere. If you are in need of Kitchener carpenter ant removal, taken care of in a timely and professional manner, Toodaloo can do the trick.

These ants thrive on damp wood. In the wild, they will make their tunnels (or ‘galleries’) in fallen trees and stumps. They chew the soft wood with their mandables and leave piles of sawdust-like material behind. This is one way you can actually identify their presence as well. So be on the lookout for them.

When carpenter ants look to places outside of the forest floor to make their nests, they are drawn to the cities. There are countless buildings with wood in the walls, ceilings, and floorboards, or even in the furniture that decorates the interior. It is possible for any of these to make the perfect home for carpenter ant colonies.

Kitchener Carpenter Ant Removal: How Toodaloo Can Help

Ants of all sorts can be a hassle. But when they’re destroying your home, they present a far greater risk to the wellbeing of your property and even your safety. Thankfully, we train our technicians on all the best ways to get rid of these pests and keep them out of your life. And we can do so without drilling multiple holes into your walls, unlike some companies. We’re ready for anything. Just give us a try!

When the ants are getting you down, we know what to do. Just call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) and we will take care of your ant problem for you.

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