Kitchener Cockroach Removal

Scurrying here and there, getting into food and bedding and bathtubs and more. . . let’s be honest here: cockroaches are the worst. They are the causes of so much disease and an infestation can mean a tarnished reputation for eateries and hotels as well as other establishments. Contact Toodaloo and ask about our Kitchener cockroach removal services today!

These bugs have wide, flat bodies that are typically reddish brown to dark brown in colour. They are nocturnal creatures and will shy away from sources of light. So it can be hard to actually get a glimpse of them at all. However, they do need to explore and search for food. It us during this time that they are most likely to run into people. Even then, though, they are hard to catch or dispose of.

Cockroaches have no problem getting up close and personal with humans. And that goes for our food and just about everything else we own as well. These insects can survive for long periods of time off of nothing more than their own fecal matter, other dead insects, and even their own moulted skin! But they would much prefer to feed off of your home. Actual food is one target for them, but they will also dig into books, hair, and decaying matter such as damp wood or the crumbs under your fridge.

Kitchener Cockroach Removal: Toodaloo is on it

Our Toodaloo technicians will get right to it and shoo those cockroaches out the door before they know what hit them. With all the latest technology, gear, and other tools for the job, they will ensure that every area on your property has been made clear of these bugs – forever. Trust us.

You can call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up your appointment, or else book it here on our website. You will be glad you did!

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