Kitchener Flea Removal

Hopping, biting nightmares, fleas literally suck. In both senses. These puny bugs will bother people to no end. Their bites are itchy and can be painful as well, and that goes for pets as well as their owners. For Kitchener flea removal, there is no better solution than Toodaloo. We will get down to the source of the problem and attack it on all sides. There’s no need to fear the flleas when Toodaloo is around.

Besides being a nightmare to handle with your dog or cat by buying shampoos that don’t work and doing your best to scrub the place of their tiny eggs, larvae, droppings, and more, fleas also present a serious health concern. With fleas on the loose for too long, you may need to turn to either a vet . . . or a hospital.

Fleas can be a danger to the health of people and animals in just about any way you can think of. They can be ingested, either by getting into food or, in the case of pets and other animals, being swallowed during self-grooming. They can transmit a number of diseases through biting as well. And they can even just carry bacteria on their bodies and spread it throughout the area in which they are active.

Kitchener Flea Removal: Toodaloo is Here to Help

To avoid all of that, you can contact our experienced and expert technicians. We will gladly remove the fleas from your premises and keep them away. All of our technicians have dealt with fleas before and know all of the tricks to get them out completely. That goes for their eggs and every other sign of their presence.

When the fleas want to hop and the bites won’t stop, call Toodaloo at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250). You can set up an appointment with us over the phone or online. No matter what, you will be in Toodaloo’s dependable hands. Say goodbye to those fleas!

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