Kitchener Pigeon Removal

Called city chickens, rats with wings, or even a dove’s big ugly cousin, the one thing pigeons are not known for is being clean or pleasant to have around. For Kitchener pigeon removal, call Toodaloo. We will handle these birds in a humane and effective manner that will keep these feathery menaces off your back.

Although pigeons may be considered to be less of a threat to property owners by some, they represent a whole other slew of hazards. These birds are not conscientous of the needs of businesses, for instance. They will hassle customers for food, block walkways, and fly in front of or over people and vehicles. They will also release their droppings all over windows, roofs, the sides of buildings, and any other outdoor portion of a property. This may sound like a mere nuisance, but it’s worse than you think. Their feces is acidic to the point of being corrosive over time. You may end up needing some seriously heavy duty cleaning materials to clean up after their mess.

Another way in which pigeons are surprisingly unsafe visitors is their unhygienic way of life. Pigeons are remarkably filthy, and besides carrying a variety of insects that can be harmful to humans and other animals, they can also be carriers for diseases as well. Some of the diseases they can carry include Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Candidiasis. Histoplasmosis alone could be fatal. But there are also other, equally dangerous diseases they can transmit to humans. It is never worth the risk.

Kitchener Pigeon Removal: Toodaloo Can Help

Toodaloo will handle any pigeon infestation with care, for both the clients and the pigeons themselves. We uphold humane treatment for wildlife, and our methods reflect this. We can install netting and wiring to keep pigeons from roosting under roofs and awnings. Our technicians want to make sure the entire process is easy, effective, and harmless.

To ask more about our services or to book an appointment, call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250). We’re always ready to help.

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