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March 26, 2020

Lethbridge Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Lethbridge Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants are the sneakiest demolition experts around. These pests cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to Canadian homes without ever being noticed. Bite-by-bite these intrusive insects run though wooden framing, flooring and even furniture. Spotting a carpenter ant infestation is tough but removing it is even worse. Without proper care, these unwelcome tenants will be roaming your halls until there aren’t any left! Calling in an expert will have these ants marching out in no time at all.
Lethbridge Carpenter Ant Control & Removal


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Carpenter Ant TREATMENT

One of the most damaging kinds of pests in Canada is the carpenter ant. These little insects are more than just a nuisance. Because they chew through wood, they can compromise the structural wellbeing of your building. If you want to preserve your property and keep it safe from carpenter ants, call Toodaloo. Our Lethbridge carpenter ant control and removal program could be exactly what you need.

If you are not sure how to tell these ants part from others, you can look for a couple of different features. For one thing, they will leave behind small piles of a sawdust-like material around the entrances of their tunnels. This is what they leave behind after chewing long holes in the wood. The ants themselves will either be all black, or black with a rusty red thorax. They are larger than many other species, too, and can grow up to almost an inch in length.

Carpenter ants are a little bit different from other kinds of ants. They can have more than one queen in a colony. One for each nest, both the origianl parent nest and the additional ‘satellite’ nests that they make to increase their odds for survival. Because of this, they can be a little bit harder to remove by yourself than other ant species.

Lethbridge Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: There is No Need to Worry

When carpenter ants move in and start on their own kind of construction, and destruction, our technicians can kick them out for you. Because we use the latest equipment and other tools, such as injection rods and thermal imaging to locate the ant nests, we can accurately find the carpenter ants and thoroughly dispose of them.

In order to protect your property and yourself, take the first step in getting those carpenter ants out. You can give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).


Carpenter Ants QUICKLY!

Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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