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Real life mice are far less cute and cuddly than the ones you can find in your average cartoon or picture book. In fact, they can cause some very un-cuddly diseases and make people very sick. Besides this, they are also notorious damagers of homes. For Lethbridge mouse control and removal, call Toodaloo. We know just what to do with these rodents.

There are a few different types of mice that are native to Canada. The most common are the House Mouse and the Deer Mouse. Like all mice, they are scavengers and opportunistic feeders, eating just about whatever is available to them. Deer Mice are the ones which mainly cause Hantavirus (though other breeds are capable of this as well). Their fur colouring can range from white to black. House Mice can range from light brown to black, and are typically two inches long as opposed to the Deer Mouse’s three to four inches.

As we have touched upon briefly, mice are behind the spread of multiple diseases. Hantavirus is spread through the urine, droppings, or even the saliva of mice. Even being in close proximity to a contaminated area can be enough, as the urine can evaporate.

Lethbridge Mouse Control & Removal: Why Choose Toodaloo?

All of our technicians have years of experience under their belts and knowledge. We pride ourselves on always being prepared for anything, but we also have confidence in everything mouse-related. We will also go beyond simple exclusion work and make sure the are is also sanitized and clear of any traces of the mice. Our first priority is your health, your safety, and the safety of your property.

Get the mouse out of your house with Toodaloo. You can reach us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up your appointment or ask any questions you might have for us about our services.

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