Lethbridge Pigeon Control & Removal

One of the larger pests we deal with, pigeons are often seen flapping or strutting about the city streets. Because they steal food, scatter trash, and get in the way of pedestrians, pigeons are a real nuisance. But they can also be a threat through the diseases they carry, and even causing damage to property. To get rid of them, call Toodaloo for our Lethbridge pigeon control and removal services.

Nothing about these birds is overly pleasant. Pigeons are classified as vermin for good reason, since they are dirty, they are widespread, and they can make people very sick. They can carry a wide range of diseases, bacteria, and bugs and other parasites. They can cause yeast and fungal infections, respiratory diseases, and more. In addition, one of the best known things they have caused in recent years is the avian flu, also known as the H5N1. This can have severe symptoms, including respiratory difficulty. In fact, there can also be some serious complications, including sepsis, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress. Luckily, you can avoid all of that with our help.

Even having pigeons roosting on or hanging around your building can lead to damage of the property itself. Over time, the accumulation of bird droppings, which are acific, will corrode many surfaces. Windows, painted surfaces, and walls will develop stains and require serious cleaning or even need replacement or reconstruction.

Lethbridge Pigeon Control & Removal: Toodaloo Can Help

In seeking assistance, you want to find a company that will meet all of your standards. Toodaloo is a local team of professionals with years of training and experience. We are environmentally conscious, we use humane solutions, and we are always timely and discreet. Everything we do, we do with you in mind.

We can help you get those menaces with wings off your property. All you have to do is call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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