Lethbridge Silverfish Control & Removal

Silverfish may not be the first bug that comes to mind when you think of pests, but they are one of the most common pests in Canada. They are quiet, sneaky, and shy, though. So many people are unaware of them until it is too late and infestation has set in. We offer Lethbridge silverfish control and removal to home owners and business owners alike. Don’t wait. Get those silverfish out!

You can identify silverfish by their tapered silver bodies and long antennae. They also have a signature fish-like movement which gave them their name. These little bugs like cooler temperatures, and the darker and damper, the better. Bathrooms, basements, and dewey pipes and spaces behind walls are all very good spots for silverfish to hang out. In industrial buildings, they could be just about anywhere.

One of the biggest issues silverfish cause is their destruction of various kinds of property. Of course, having a large number of insects inside your building is unpleasant no matter what. But when they are chewing holes in all your things, it can be especially tiring to out up with them. The things they most like to nibble on are papery objects such as books, cardboard, or wallpaper, or anything with sugary glues. This can include wallpaper paste, certain kinds of paint or varnish, and so on. They also like linens, so look out for any laundry or cloth-covered furniture.

Lethbridge Silverfish Control & Removal: Toodaloo Can Help You

At Toodaloo, we want you to feel provided and cared for. After all, dealing with pest infestation is stressful and frustrating. You deserve a break from all that chaos. So leave it to us and we will have the pests removed before you can say ‘silverfish.’

Give us a call today at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) and we can help you set up an apointment. The silverfish won’t be bothering you any longer.

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