Lloydminster Bed Bug Control & Removal

Of all the things that you don’t want in your home or business, bed bugs are some of the most invasive. These insects tend to make their homes in, you guessed it, people’s beds and other furniture. They cuddle up with us when we’re sleeping and bite us, drawing blood to sustain themselves. Then we wake up covered in itchy red marks. To put an end to this, call Toodaloo for our Lloydminster bed bug control and removal program.

If you are unsure whether or not it is a bed bug problem you have on your hands, there are a few ways to make sure. First of all, you can check furniture, especially beds, for small, apple seed shaped specks on the sheets, by the headboard, or in between the mattress and the bedframe. You may also notice small spots of blood from where they bit someone.

Lloydminster Bed Bug Control & Removal: How We Can Help

DIY solutions are all too often not solutions at alll, but temporary fixes. With Toodaloo’s bed bug removal services, we will fully eliminate the bed bugs at the source and take preventative measures to keep them from returning once again. We have only the latest and most effective equipment on hand, and we can provide a few different options for treatment as well. For instance, we implement both chemical and non chemical solutions, and will apply thse in steps.

For hotels and restaurants and other businesses, we offer a few more options as well. We can provide you with Information and Awareness Training Sessions, which are comprehensive crash courses for you and your staff on all things bed bug. We can also provide assistance with preparing the building for our arrival with our Preparation Services.

Keep those bed bugs out of sight and out of mind. You can call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up an appointment or ask us more about our services.

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