Maple Ridge Carpenter Ant Control

Nobody wants to share a living space with ants. These tiny pests crowd up any and all areas of your property but not all ants pose the same problems. While one sort of ant is a superficial pain, carpenter ants cause big trouble at every level of your property. Instead of letting ants make a meal out of your home, call Toodaloo. Your ant infestation doesn’t stand a chance against our Maple Ridge carpenter ant control service.

Catching Carpenter Ants

If you are trying to identify what sort of ant you are dealing with, there are a few things that you can look for. Carpenter ants are either black or red in colour. The major difference between carpenter ants and other types is their bad habits! Instead of simply roaming around your property, carpenter ants chew through it! Carpenter ants can begin chowing down on your property from the outside or can be carried in very easily. In order to make satellite colonies behind walls, these ants chew through cellulose-based materials. Wood foundations behind the scenes, drywall and flooring are all chewable obstacles for ants.

Maple Ridge Carpenter Ant Control: Getting Results

When you want to get results for your Maple Ridge carpenter ant removal, you need to think big! Ants themselves might be small, but they travel in big numbers. Squishing one or two of these pests under your thumb does less than nothing for handling populations. When you really want to get rid of ants, you need to bring in the big guns. At Toodaloo, our pest removal specialists come equipped with thermal imaging tools that allow us to track ant traffic behind the scenes. Injection guns then allow for direct treatment of these areas. Don’t waste time with ineffective treatment methods, when Toodaloo has got you covered.

Call today or book online for your Maple Ridge carpenter ant control. Annihilating your ant infestation has never been easier than it is with Toodaloo.

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