Medicine Hat Bed Bug Control & Removal

If there is any company in the Medicine Hat area that understands the pain of bed bug bites, it is Toodaloo. So if you are in need of Medicine Hat bed bug control and removal, look no further. We can handle any size infestation, whether it is for a residential, commercial, or industrial location. You are in a strata building? No problem. We do it all at Toodaloo.

Bed bugs get into our homes and businesses primarily through hosts. They will even hitch a ride on furniture, clothing, and other materials that may then be brought indoors. This is one of the main reasons hotels and other establishments with a lot of foot traffic will become infested. Of residential buildings, it is more likely for apartment buildings or complexes to get them, for similar reasons. If you are unsure, you can check for the most common signs of bed bug habitation. These include bites and little black spots. The bites are usually in a small groupings of 2-4 and look similar to mosquito bites, with a puncture wound in the middle. The spots will appear on box springs and mattresses, and look similar to black pepper flakes – these spots are ‘flea dirt,’ or excrement.

Medicine Hat Bed Bug Control & Removal: Rest Easy

The treatments themselves will take place over two sessions set roughly 10-14 days apart, and involves both chemical and non-chemical treatment, though we can offer completely non-chemical treatment if required. We also provide a unique full warranty on our bed bug services.

Toodaloo is also happy to offer Information and Awareness Training Sessions for you and your staff (or tenants) on bed bug control. This involves a 30-40 minute presentation, which goes over general information, treatment methods, preparation, self-inspection, and more. In addition, we can offer Preparation Services as well, for those who are not able to get adequately ready for our arrival on their own.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250). You can ask us more about the services we offer or set up an appointment with us.

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