Medicine Hat Cockroach Control & Removal

When cockroaches make an appearance, your first concern should be for your health. These little bugs are rife with disease-caausing bacteria and can make people extremely sick. So when you find cockroaches in your area, make sure to contact Toodaloo for our Medicine Hat cockroach control and removal program.

Some of the bacteria cockroaches carry include Salmonella Typhi, which can cause Typhoid, and Poliomyelitis, which can cause Polio. Obviously, this is the last thing restaurants, hotels, and other establishments want. And home owners aren’t too keen on having contaminants running around, either. The problem is they will try to get into our food supplies or other things we will come into contact with. And when they eat, they leave behind saliva, excrement, and other organic matter. Their own natural bacteria can cause urinary tract infections, sepsis, and digestive problems if ingested.

They are not picky eaters, either. Cockroaches can even survive off of their own moulted skins, excrement, or other dead cockroaches. Although they would prefer to eat sweets, meats, starches, and sometimes decayed wood, they will stoop to eating sewage. Gross. Not only that, but they have built up an immunity to most common types of pesticide, and are notoriously hard to kill. They can even withstand large amounts of radiation.

Medicine Hat Cockroach Control & Removal: Leave it to Us

With Toodaloo, you won’t have to worry about trying to kill these bugs. We don’t rely on useless pesticides or other so-called ‘remedies’ that can often not work at all. Instead, we utilize the latest and most effective equipment available, and all of our technicians have extensive training and experience with cockroaches and other pests. We will clean the area to erase all contaminating materials, and remove all bugs from the premises.

Feel free to call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or go online to book you appointment today.

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