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Of all the pests in the city, pigeons might be the most commonly sighted one. They travel in groups, flocking together on ledges and awnings, rafters, and more. You may see them walking along the sidewalk, pecking at discarded food. They aren’t afraid to get close to people, either. Which is dangerous, since they are covered in bacteria which could make us sick. If you are having a problem with these birds, call us. We offer safe and humane Medicine Hat pigeon control and removal.

Because pigeons are just as dirty as rats or other animals and bugs that live on the streets, they are capable of carrying fleas and other small parasitic bugs, as well as an array of diseases. These include Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis, among others. Psittacosis is perhaps the most dangerous of these examples. Its symptoms can be as mild as headaches to something as serious as pneumonia. Luckily, these diseases are not fatal under normal circumstances, but they can pose a larger risk to those with weak immune systems or pre-exisiting conditions.

On a lesser note, pigeons can also be a problem just for numbers and how messy they can be. Huge flocks of them can take over roofs and sidewalks, descending upon outdoor eating areas or parks and generally being a nuisance to people. They may also deter visitors to your home or establishment. Not to mention, their fecal matter, which can often cover large areas due to the number of birds roosting there, is acidic. It can even become corrsoive over time, to the point that you will need to replace the surfaces. This can include windows, signs, the paint on walls, and more.

Medicine Hat Pigeon Control & Removal: Get it Done Today

Our methods include netting, wiring, brackets, and more. All of these are humane and environmentally friendly, which some companies simply cannot offer. All of our technicians are experienced and equipped with the latest gear in order to be as effective as possible.

Give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or set up your appointment with us through our website.

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