Medicine Hat Rat Control & Removal

Rats are one of the most common pests in cities and other areas where humans live. This is mainly because they know we will provide them with food – even garbage – and warm, dry buildings for them to make their nests. For Medicine Hat rat control and removal, you can rely on Toodaloo. We will get those nasty rats out of your hair before you know it.

Rodents cause problems in a number of ways. They can bite and scratch, not just people either, but our property too. They will often knaw on pipes and drywall, causing structural damage and the possibility of water leakages from the pipes. If they chew through wires, they can even create fire hazards. In addition, they can also spread a number of diseases that can then be transmitted to humans, either by themselves or by the parasites like fleas that they can carry in. Things like Hantavirus and rat-bite fever can be very harmful to people’s health, and it doesn’t take much contact with these creatures to contract them.

You would likely be very surprised to find out all the ways that rats can enter a home. Rats have ‘expanding rib cages,’ which allow them to squeeze through holes as small as their heads. They can even jump up to a metre, and use this skill to access rooftops where there may be hole or gap that gives access to the inside of the building in question.

Medicine Hat Rat Control and Removal: Keeping Rodents Away

Our pest control technicians will make sure to seal up the active points of entry the rats could be using in addition to the rest of the exclusion work. We will also sanitize the area and dispose of any nests, carcasses, and contaminated items.

You can get rid of those rats by calling us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250), or going on our website.

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