Medicine Hat Silverfish Control & Removal

Taking on the sneakiest bugs around can be a daunting task for many. You might feel as though you are completely alone in the matter too, but this is not the case. For any silverfish needs you might have, contact Toodaloo for professional Medicine Hat silverfish control and removal. Soon, you will be waving goodbye to those bugs.

Silverfish do, in fact, resemble fish. They have larger heads and a thinner, tapered shape to their bodies. Adults will typically be a shiny silver colour as well. And, of course, the way they wriggle makes them look like they are swimming. Additionally, they like damp places. The cooler and darker, the better. The only thing that really makes them recognisable as insects are their antennae and three tails. These little insects have a life expectancy of two to eight years, too, so waiting for them to die off is not a good technique.

Although silverfish will gladly live off our scraps and crumbs, they can eat a wide variety of other things as well, which again adds to their difficulty in removing. They can survive off of such things as textiles like linens and other cloths, glues and paints, and papery objects and soft wood. So your curtains, carpets, furniture, books . . . even your houseplants are not safe from these funny little insects.

Medicine Hat Silverfish Control & Removal: Gone Fishing

If you want to avoid incurring any more damage to your property, call us. Our pest control technicians know exactly what to do when silverfish are on the move inside your home or business. And all of the methods we employ are safe and eco-friendly. When pest removal is left to the professionals, you get to relax and feel safe once again.

You can call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or use our website to book your appointment.

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