Mississauga Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

There’s no need to fear! Toodaloo can help with your Mississauga carpenter ant control and removal. Your typical carpenter ant will be black (“Modoc”) or red (“Vicinus”) and will make their homes by tunneling though wood. Yes, that means your walls, rafters, doorframes and more. These pests can cause a great deal of structural damage to any property they decide to make their homes in. Especially if you leave the problem untreated for a long time.

Unlike termites, which look and act similarly to ants (except they will have wings and their bodies are usually lighter in colour), carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. They only chew it to make their tunnels, leaving a sawdust-like pile behind. In the wilderness, this can in fact be a benefit to the environment. But in human dwellings and other buildings in city spaces, this is nothing but a problematic situation. No matter how you look at it, ants and humans do not make good roommates.

What carpenter ants will eat, on the other hand, is other insects and scraps that people may leave behind. Warm, dry, indoor environments are a haven for these insects within the city, and they can live comfortably on your Mississauga property for some time, often before they are ever noticed. They do not have to be noticed to damage the structural integrity of your building, though.

Toodaloo’s Mississauga Carpenter Ant Removal

Ants will get into almost anywhere, as they are small and can fit into tight spaces with ease. Our team at Toodaloo is trained on how to properly rid a building of ants and deny their re-entry by sealing cracks and other possible openings. Part of this process includes seeking out the parent ant colony and removing that as well, so they won’t be able to come back to the area and find a way in all over again.

Call Toodaloo pest control and wildlife services today at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250), and stop worrying about ants!

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