Mississauga Flea Control & Removal

Sometimes, Mississauga Flea Control and Removal is necessary. Everyone knows how troublesome fleas can be. A flea will hop around, leave itchy bites, and drink your blood! A nuisance to pets and other animals as well as humans, these tiny pests are hard to get rid of. They are known for transmitting many diseases to humans, including typhus. Historically, they were partially to blame for the spread of the bubonic plague in Europe. They can also make animals sick, though, and not just through biting. Because of their size, it is easy for dogs, cats, and other mammals to ingest fleas, usually when grooming themselves.

Flea bites are also known to be incredibly itchy, much like the bite of other well-known vampiric creatures like bed bugs and mosquitoes. In fact, a bite from any one of these will often be mistaken for the bite of another. Only fleas are much harder to swat than mosquitoes, and it can difficult to tell if they’re gone for good or if they’re thriving in a forgotten corner of your home or business. You may think you’re finally safe, when the dog starts scratching away again. A female flea can lay thousands of eggs before she dies, and each of them can take up to two whole weeks to hatch, so a flea removal has to be in-depth.

Mississauga Flea Control & Removal: Toodaloo’s Services

Our team is efficient, dedicated, and trained to spot any sign of these pests on your property. You can never be too sure that fleas are well and truly gone without the guidance of professionals. You owe it to your pets and yourself to rid yourself of fleas. We will also take the extra steps to make sure repopulation does not occur in the future.

Keep nicer, less irritating company than these bloodsucking bugs. Call Toodaloo for our expert flea removal services at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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