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Although many people deem them to be a littler bit cuter than their larger, hairier cousin the rat, having a mouse in the house is no walk in the park. Not for the residents of Mississauga, at least, where mouse populations have tended to grow without warning. After all, despite their friendlier apppearance, there isn’t that much of a difference between mice and rats. They’re both a kind of rodent, after all. And rodents tend not to care about their own hygiene. So when they come into contact with us, they can leave dangerous germs. And no ones wants that. That’s why Toodaloo offers quick and efficient Mississauga mouse control and removal services.

These squeaking mammals are scavengers, and will eat through your food and even your other possessions to make their nests, promising all sorts of damage. They are small, they move fast, and they are nocturnal, so people often have little to no luck in catching them. And at the same time, they are getting into food and other items where they can leave behind all sorts of bacteria. And they have no qualms about leaving behind droppings, which moreso have the potential for disease.

Mice can access just about any entry point in your house or property that you can think of. They may be on the lookout for food or water, or even just shelter from the elements. But once they’re settled in they are unlikely to leave on their own. They like to make long-term nests, and never want to venture too far from the safety of these dens.

Toodaloo for Mississauga Mouse Control & Removal:

Don’t wait. Let Toodaloo carry out a complete mouse removal as soon as you can. Each female mouse can produce up to sixty offspring per yea. When this number begins to multiply, a full infestation is likely already under way.

So don’t hesitate, and call Toodaloo at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to book an appointment with our pest control and wildlife services team.

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