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Growing urban areas are hotspots for rats and other pesky rodents. They are drawn to places with food sources, water, and shelter, so many people in the city find these little critters scurrying to and fro in their area. Mississauga especially is subjected to infestations, and is just behind Toronto in the size of their rat populations. Toodaloo offers Mississauga rat control and removal services, though, so there’s no need to fret.

In the city, rats typically run amok in the streets and sewers. This is bad enough, but when they move into residential or commercial buildings the rat problem goes from gross to horrific. No one wants a dirty animal on their property. They can even bring fleas with them and add another pest problem. In short, rats can be an absolute nightmare.

Mississauga Rat Control & Removal: Call Toodaloo Today

Rats are loud, unsightly, and smelly, but that is not all they are. They also bring the potential for disease with them wherever they go, and they can contaminate any food that they get into. They will nest and burrow, scratch and gnaw, and otherwise damage the building they make their homes in. These animals are stubborn and hardy, and different breeds cause different problems. Some will make their homes in roofs, where they can tamper with electrical wires, while others will build burrows in yards and gardens. Being able to tell the difference between them can make all the difference. Toodaloo technicians can determine which breeds are affecting your residence or business and deal with them accordingly.

When you hear rats scurrying about on your property or squeaking in your walls, make sure to call Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control and ask about Mississauga rat removal. Our technicians will implement environmentally friendly removal procedures and your rat problem will disappear before you know it!

If rats have started taking over, hand the reigns over to Toodaloo and call 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to rid yourself of those rats!

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