Mississauga Silverfish Control & Removal

Mississauga is among the many homes to silverfish. Despite the name, silverfish are in no way related to actual fish. They are small insects which will often claim a house or other building as their own. Silverfish are odd-looking little creatures. They get their name by moving from side to side as they scurry, much like a fish swimming through the water. As interesting as they may look, however, silverfish can be a major concern for homeowners and business owners alike. That’s why we offer Mississauga Silverfish Control and Removal.

These wiggly creatures will feast on other things besides normal food. They enjoy anything with sugars or starch, and will eat the glues in wallpaper, books, and paper, as well as tape, carpets, photos, and certain kinds of paint. Anything you can think of that may have glue, paste, or plastic in it could be a hotspot for silverfish.

Toodaloo’s Mississauga Silverfish Control & Removal

They also have long lifespans for insects, and can live between two to eight years! You may not even notice they are there, since they come out at night and are extremely shy. Any light or movement scares them off, and although they are flightless, they can wriggle away quicker than you would expect. They also like the un-trafficked places like closets and crawlspaces. So even if you know where to look, they can still be hard to find.

Silverfish are ugly pests, with two long, spindly antennae and three similar-looking tails. If not for their unique movement, they would look somewhat like small roaches. However, they have oblong, silvery bodies, and they favour cool, damp, dark places. Basements are especially nice hideouts for them, as are the areas in between walls or floors.

If you have a headache from thinking about these sneaky bugs scuttling throughout your property, act now and call Toodaloo pest control and wildlife services at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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