Moosejaw Pavement Ant Control & Removal

Pavement ants are most commonly seen in the summer months, but can be found throughout the year as well. These ants are small, and usually black or red in colour. They are also a terrible nuisance. If you find yourself in need for Moosejaw pavement ant control and removal, look no further than Toodaloo. We will handle your ant problem no matter how big or how small it is, and will do so for homes, companies, and other establishments.

They are attracted to hard surfaces like cement or pavement, hence the name. These ants will male their tunnels, also known as galleries, around such surfaces. So you can most often find them covering sidewalks, roads, pathways, the foundations of buildings, and so on. And you might be thinking that at least they are out there and not in here. But unfortunately, their tunneling can warp flat surfaces, even to the point of causing cracks in your driveway or the stone walkway in your yard and creating a need for reconstruction or replacement. And even then, pavement ants will often find their way into buildings as well.

For the most part, pavement ants become a problem in one of two different ways: a need for food or a need for shelter. The first can be in the form of an outdoor ficture such as a sidewalk, but as more and more buildings incorporate cement and other hard materials into their designs, the more at risk they are from pavement ants.

Moosejaw Pavement Ant Control & Removal: Send Those Ants Away

Everything our technicians do is backed up with years of training and on the job experience. Our teams are dependable and efficient. And we have everything we need to get the job done right and keep the pavement ants out for good. We can locate and remove the nests and other ants on the property, as well as seal up any possible entry points inside. We will also identify any food sources they could have been relying on.

Toodaloo is the company that will be in your corner in this fight. Call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to find out more, or to set up an appointment with us.

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