Moosejaw Rat Control & Removal

When you see brown fur and a long scaly pink tail, your first instinct may be to jump and scream, or run away. But what about when you see a rat on your own property? What if you see more than one? With rats, and other rodents, infestation is never far off once a rat has come inside. These animals breed very quickly. They can also be extremely hard to track down. There is something out there that can treat your problem, though. And that’s Toodaloo’s Moosejaw rat control and removal service.

Even though rats are a larger pest than, say, ants or fleas, they can move quickly and silently when they want to. Often, the only indications of infestation will be scrabbling noises coming from inside the walls or flooring late at night. Or the quick darting movement as one of them runs away not to be seen again. And speaking of fleas, rats can also bring those onto the property as well and can turn one pest problem into two.

Typically, what drives rats into homes and businesses is shelter and/or food sources. There is increased rat activity when the temperature drops, because there are less natural places for rats to live in urban areas. And the smell of food, or even garbage, will attract them.

Moosejaw Rat Control & Removal: Keeping the Rats Out

Exclusion work is only part of the process when it comes to rat removal. Equally important are the limiting of food or water sources, sealing of entryways, and cleaning the areas most suitable for nesting. Our technicians are used to tracking down rats and all their hiding places, and we will bring with us all the necessary gear to get the job done thoroughly and effectively.

Any time you see rats on your property, contact us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or through our website. We can answer any questions you might have, or set up a preliminary appointment.

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