Mount Pearl Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants are hard workers but the problem with these pests is that they are always working against you! These pests crawl into your home or business and begin making mulch out of your property. These trained technicians at Toodaloo are available to help with your Mount Pearl carpenter ant control and removal.

Creeping, Crawling, Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants work quickly, ceaselessly and, above all, quietly. These pests can go months, or even years on your property without being noticed. It is the stealth and numbers of these pests that make them such a danger. Carpenter ants begin their colonies outdoors, normally in areas with damp or rotting wood. Even though carpenter ants created their parent colonies in moist areas, that does not mean that they are above travelling or chewing through sound wood.
Ants can sneak into your property through even the smallest of cracks and openings. Exterior air conditioning vents, open windows, or doors or areas around patios, and decks are all vehicles for ants. Unlike some other pests, carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they can chew! These pests chew through wood for the sake of mobility. As tunnels form through sound wood, carpenter ants have more room to move and more areas to find food and form new satellite colonies.

Mount Pearl Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Axe Those Ants

Toodaloo Pest Control has been an industry leader for decades. During this time, we have learned a trick or two. Carpenter ants might try to hide but their skills are no match for Toodaloo. By using thermal imaging, we are able to track high traffic areas for ant activity as well as identifying where and how large colonies are.

Call Toodaloo today to book an appointment for your Mount Pearl carpenter ant removal.

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