Mount Pearl Flea Control & Removal

Spending time outdoors can be incredibly relaxing – until you pick up an unwelcome hitchhiker. Bed bugs are sneaky! These pests can attach themselves to you, using you as a sort of Trojan Horse in order to gain entry to your space. If you or your pet has carried one of these pests indoors, Toodaloo is here to help!

Focusing On Fleas

When you are spending time outside, you are more than likely prepared to encounter a bug bite or two. Sure, you can slap on some insect repellant and hope for the best but wha happens when these insects make their way inside? Fleas do not hesitate to hitch a ride with any animals that they can. This transfer occurs most commonly through pets but that is not the only way that fleas make their way in. Fleas can attach themselves to animals that are just passing through. Squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons can all act as vehicles for fleas. Female fleas lay eggs loosely on long-haired animals that are then shed away. One flea-carrying raccoon sniffing around your property can deposit these eggs near or inside your home or business. This is a ticking time bomb for bites and blood sucking.

Mount Pearl Flea Control & Removal

Fleas are designed to be resilient. Their bodies are small, and dark with a hardened exterior. It is this hard outer shell that makes them difficult to squish and almost impossible for animals to scratch off. Fleas might be good at dodging removal attempts but they cannot avoid our Toodaloo technicians. Whether it is in a nook, a cranny or the soft surfaces of your carpet, no flea is safe from our Toodaloo technicians.

The pest removal experts at Toodaloo understand that each and every property has its own individual needs and drawbacks. It is this assessment of individual needs that sets our Mount Pearl flea removal apart from the competition.

Call today to find out how our Mount Pearl flea removal can help you give those bloodsuckers the boot!

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