Mount Pearl Pavement Ant Control & Removal

Ants are some of the most common pests that you can come across throughout the year. Granted, there are many species of ants out there but if you find ants in your space, they are more than likely pavement ants. These pests creep, crawl and squeeze into any of the opened spaces around your property, until you call Toodaloo for help. Our Mount Pearl pavement ant control and removal clears the visible ant population but their unseen numbers as well.

Pavement Ants & You

Pavement ants are so named because they make their nests or colonies around hard surfaces. The spaces or cracks between sidewalks or driveways and the grass surrounding them. Pavement ants have multiple colonies, so it is not unusual to find multiple mounds around one area. Having these pests outside, lurking around your property may not seem like a big deal but they don’t stay outside for long.

Most species of ant have a diet very similar to yours. In fact, starchy crumbs and sweets are some of their favourites. Ants will often spread out from their colony in search of food. It only takes one of these pests finding its way into your kitchen to start a much larger problem. As ants search for food, they leave chemical trails to signal other ants to follow. This means that one ant can turn into dozens very quickly.

Mount Pearl Pavement Ant Control & Removal : Then & Now

The world of pest removal has come a long way in a short period of time. Technology is constantly evolving and this is very apparent when it comes to ant removal. Instead of tearing up building materials, walls or floors, we plan and execute smart moves. Thermal imaging and injection rods allow our technicians to tackle your infestation with damaging your space.

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