Mount Pearl Rat Control & Removal

Worldwide, there are hundreds of species of rodents but none are as recognizable as the rat. These rats are destructive, unsanitary, and downright unpleasant. The good news is that you don’t have to coexist with these rodents. Rats might might their way into your home or business but we can get them out! The expert pest removal specialists at Toodaloo Pest Control are always ready for your Mount Pearl rat control and removal.

Mount Pearl Rat Control & Removal : Know Your Enemy

There may be a ton of rat species out in the world but in Canada, there are really only two types that you should know: The roof rat and the Norway rat. These rats have different ways to do it but they both want to get inside. Roof rats are the smaller of the two species and move more gracefully. There are the rats that you see scurrying along fence posts or telephone wires. Roof rats sneak into homes through small spaces or openings that might go unnoticed for long periods. Norway rats are larger and tend to enter homes closer to ground level or basements.

Figuring out where rats are getting in is almost as important as removing the intruders themselves. That is why out Mount Pearl rat removal does not begin with just tracking down these pests but by assessing the property itself. There is no point in removing rats if there are openings in which more rodents can enter through.

The Toodaloo Touch

Our expert pest removal technicians are equipped to eliminate your rat problem for now and for the future. By blocking or patching openings, we keep the rats out. If you are interested in reclaiming your home or workplace from these furry intruders, call Toodaloo.

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