Mount Pearl Silverfish Control & Removal

Large pest around our home are hard to miss. Rodents scratch and scurry to make their presence known but quieter insects can be just as bad. Silverfish move silently and quickly but they can’t hide forever. When you catch a glimpse of one of these pests, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo! Our Mount Pearl silverfish control and removal knows how to track and eliminate your insect issue.

How To Spot A Silverfish

Silverfish are experts at concealing themselves. These pests are nocturnal, so unless you are night-owl, your chances of spotting one are slim to none. The colouring of these pests help them hide out. Silverfish are so named because of the silver sheen that comes off of their body. These pests propel themselves forward with impressive speed by moving these silver bodies side to side. Catching one of these pests is nearly impossible because they are so quick but they can also squeeze into the tightest spaces. That is why they are often found inside cracks in flooring or baseboards.

Mount Pearl Silverfish Control & Removal: What You Should Know

Coastal cities are at much greater risk of silverfish infestation. These pests prefer their environments damp and dark. Putting a dehumidifier to work can create a less inviting environment but won’t get those out. The only sure-fire way to eliminate pest populations is with our Mount Pearl silverfish removal. Toodaloo technicians treat visible signs of silverfish populations but we also treat areas where these pests are known to lay their eggs. By removing the eggs before they have a chance to hatch and move out, the silverfish life cycle is ended.

Call today to find out how Toodaloo can help you ditch those bugs with our Mount Pearl silverfish removal.

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