Mount Pearl Wasp Control & Removal

It is no secret that wasps are no fun to be around. These pests are known for their sweet tooth and their stings. If wasps are terrorizing your home or business, Toodaloo can help you out. Your Mount Pearl wasp control and removal is only a phone call away!

Unlike many pests around your home, wasps are not afraid of humans! We might be a lot bigger than they are but if you encroach on a wasp’s space, they will not hesitate to defend it! Wasps spend the beginning of spring and summer months, creating nests out of a papery substance made from chewed tree pulp. Where might you find these nests? Just about anywhere. In a similar way to how we view real estate, wasps are all about location, location, location! These pests create their wasps in secure areas that are out of reach, or view of danger.

Wasps nests are most commonly found hanging from nearby tress or rooflines but wasps can also be creative. Nests can also be found on the surface of roofs, nested in their peaks or under decks. This placement makes not only the inside of the nest dangerous but the act of getting it down as well. Removing a wasp nest with both feet planted firmly on the ground is one thing but trying from a a ladder is downright dangerous!

Mount Pearl Wasp Control & Removal: Who, Why & How

There is no one more qualified to perform your Mount Pearl wasp removal than our Toodaloo technicians. The most important part of removing wasp populations is safety. Luckily, our technicians are fully trained to get these pests out safely. By treating the nest area first, technicians eliminate the threat of stings while treating evicting these pests from your space.
Booking an appointment for your Mount Pearl wasp removal has never been easier. By phone, or online, our Toodaloo technicians are waiting to hear from you.

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