Niagara Falls Bed Bug Control & Removal

As one of the foremost tourist destinations in Canada, it is of the utmost importance that bed bugs activity is strictly monitored and dealt with in a quick and effective manner. Toodaloo can offer that. Our Niagara Falls bed bug control and removal services are both, and more importantly, our technicians are very discrete. We want to protect our community both from bed bugs and the negative attention they can draw.

Bed bugs are the worst kind of guest, because they can drive all others away! Their bites can become swollen, itchy, and painful, but getting rid of them is hard because they are so small. Bed bugs are about the size of flax seeds, but their eggs are even smaller. To be certain that they are gone means using every trick in the book. Our technicians will do so, and more. They are far more effective than trying to tackle the problem alone.

Niagara Falls Bed Bug Control & Removal: Toodaloo’s Brand of Pest Control

We are the only company which offers a standard industry warranty. We also offer a variety of other services besides the removal itself. These include Information and Awareness Training Sessions, which consist of 30-40 minute presentations to go over everything bed bug. This is an essential crash course for you and/or the staff you employ.

If chemical treatments are an issue, we are more than glad to use eco-friendly, non-chemical solutions which include a combination steam, hight heat, and vacuuming. Protecting the environment is just another standard our technicians uphold. We are more than happy to meet your needs in providing for your health and safety every step of the way.

Call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) for any questions you might have about our bed bug removal services. And we will put your bed bug problem to rest – for good!

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