Niagara Falls Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Small pests can often cause the biggest problems. Carpenter ants are a great example of this. They love tunneling through wood and setting up their nests in the walls, floors, and roofs of buildings. Our Niagara Falls carpenter ant control and removal will get those carpenter ants moving. Moving out the door, that is! Call us today to set up an appointment with our knowledgable technicians.

Carpenter ants are a problem everywhere. Niagara Falls has plenty of them, that’s for sure. And although they may not actually consume wood like termites do, they end up causing a very similar issue for home or business owners. Why? Because they can still inflict a large amount of structural damage to a building. Even if they are not eating the wood, they are still chewing tunnels through it.

These ants can be told apart from others by the piles of sawdust-like material they leave behind. This is also called ‘frass,’ and is the result of nibbling wood with their mandibles to make their tunnels. This is an important way to identify these ants and find their nesting locations.

Niagara Falls Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Why You Should Choose Toodaloo

Toodaloo’s technicians are trained to track down the various hiding places for carpenter ant nests, including the parent colony and the satellites, which are made to ensure the survival of the ant population. Where other companies might drill a dozen holes in your walls to locate these, we use such handy equipment as injection rods and thermal imaging to be sure without having to cause any more damage. Our treatment methods are also far more effective than store-bought solutions, which are often not solutions at all but temporary fixes.

If you want your Niagara Falls carpenter ant removal done right, call the professionals at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or book an appointment online.

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