Niagara Falls Wasp Control & Removal

Niagara Falls is often swarming with tourists and other visitors in the warmer months. However, another kind of visitor likely to drop in is wasps. These unwanted drop-ins are serious business. If a nest is in your area, call Toodaloo right away for our Niagara Falls wasp control and removal services. We can handle the situation promptly and with a clear-cut, professional attitude.

Swarms of tourists are far more pleasant than swarms of wasps. A nest full of wasps is going to present far more of a threat to you and your property as well. They are scavengers and can be aggressive, more so in the summer. They can sting people multiple times, and go far out of their way to find food. Their favourite dishes include sugary things and meat–both of which we humans eat fairly often. This is why you can usually find wasps by garbage, dead animals and other dead bugs, and things like candy or ice cream.

With their nests, one has to be extremely careful. Because of their tendency to sting first and ask questions never, you should avoid approaching a wasp nest. If someone has to approach it, caution is still paramount. There is only one entrance to a hive, and that can be found on the bottom. So never stand underneath a wasp nest without professional gear.

Niagara Falls Wasp Control & Removal: Toodaloo is the Solution to your Problem

When wasps are ruining your day and affecting your property, it may be time to call in professional back up. Our technicians know to employ only the safest and most effective treatment when it comes to these pests. We promise to thoroughly remove them, and will take the precautionary steps to keep them from coming back.

If you, like us, want Niagara Falls to be free of wasps, just call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or book an appointment with us online.

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