North Bay Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Much like carpenters, carpenter ants are obsessed with wood. Now, they might begin their journeys outside, these pests often sneak inside. Once they break the barrier indoors, these pests begin to gnaw through the wooden and cellulose-based materials around your space. Instead of letting your homes foundation be turned into sawdust, call Toodaloo for your North Bay carpenter ant control and removal.

The Carpenter Ant Take Over

Unlike some other species of pests, carpenter ants choose to stick together instead of living solo. In fact, these pests live in groups of thousands! Parent colonies begin outdoors, usually in moisture areas or rotting wood. When they are out in nature, carpenter ants are beneficial members of the environment. Because they chew up dead or rotting wood, carpenter ants create compost and pave the way for new growth. When indoors, however, this affinity to chew through wood causes large scale damage of your space. Instead of giving these pest full reign of your property, call Toodaloo.
A proper North Bay carpenter ant removal is difficult for two reasons: tracking them down and catching them all. Removing one, two or even ten ants is not enough to get them gone for good.

The Best Results For Your North Bay Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

In order to treat a carpenter ant infestation, you need to have the right tools and the right technique. Luckily, our Toodaloo technicians have both! Carpenter ants are not your basic infestation. These pests don’t just move freely throughout your space – they burrow into it. Because these pests move inside the materials around your property, there is no way to track them to a satellite colony without the proper tools for the job. By combining proper tools and techniques, our Toodaloo technicians can pinpoint the location of satellite colonies without unnecessary damage.

If ants have come marching in to your property, call Toodaloo for your North Bay carpenter ant removal.

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