North Bay Flea Control & Removal

Overall, fleas are unwelcome guests on your property. There is no one that opens the door to their home or business and ushers fleas inside – but these pests still find their way in! Fleas prefer to hitchhike than walk, letting other animals do the leg work for them. When fleas cross the threshold into your property, don’t give them the chance for a hostile takeover. Our North Bay flea control and removal service, can help you ditch flea populations with no stragglers left behind.

Fighting With Fleas

Fleas start their lives outdoors but it doesn’t take them long to crawl inside. These pests attach themselves to other animals, securing themselves inside fur. This affects the usual suspects around your space, such as dogs and cats but there are some unusual ones as well. Fleas are not picky about where they catch a ride. Fleas latch on to rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and even your pant leg or sweatshirt. Female fleas hide out in long hair and laying eggs on their host. These eggs are shaken off around your property and take cover wherever they are able. Eggs and adolescent fleas are known to hide out in cracks in floorboards, around baseboards and in carpets. This just creates a legion of pests waiting to pop out of the woodwork and be a problem. Instead of waiting for an influx of pests, call in our North Bay flea removal.

The Key To A Proper North Bay Flea Control & Removal

The best way to treat a flea infestation is to understand where their numbers are spread out. You might catch adult fleas here or there but the majority of flea populations are just about invisible. Nearly 50% of flea populations aren’t even hatched yet. Calling Toodaloo at the first sign of fleas can mean the difference between a minor annoyance and a full-scale infestation. Calling in pest professionals at the first sign of fleas is the only way to minimize discomfort while getting rid of these intruders.

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