North Bay Mouse Control & Removal

Mice might be cute on television and in films, but having these pests using your property as a home or even pit-stop comes with consequences. Mice are some of the most unsanitary creatures around, so when you catch one on your property, you need to get them out as soon as possible. These rodents are hard to catch, difficult to deal with and, just plain messy. Instead of letting mice have the run of your property, call Toodaloo for our North Bay mouse control and removal.

The Hazards Of Mouse Infestation

Mice are small but they are they are big carriers of bacteria and disease. In addition to carrying bacteria, these pests create hazardous material as well. When mice decide to set up shop in your home or business, they tend to litter the place with droppings and urine. This waste dries and when disturbed contaminates the air around your space. Cleaning dried or settled mouse droppings might end up doing more harm than good, leaving you opened to respiratory illness or hantavirus. Mice can also do a boat-load of damage to your home. Mice chew on just about anything that they please. When mice decide to stick around your property, you might notice gnaw marks on walls or furniture but the real danger lies behind the scenes. When rodents sink their teeth into electrical wiring it is a fire hazard. Keep your property safe with our North Bay mouse removal.

Getting The Best Results For Your North Bay Mouse Control & Removal

A proper North Bay mouse removal does not just remove the pests that you already have but shows you how to prevent future unwanted visitors as well. Mice can squeeze through spaces no larger than a dime so tracking down weak spots and entry points is a must. The way that our Toodaloo technicians get rid of your mouse problem depends on the unique needs of your space. Our North Bay mouse removal can treat homes, commercial spaces and even multi-unit properties.

Don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo for your North Bay mouse removal. The longer you wait, the more mice you are up against.

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