North Bay Silverfish Control & Removal

The term silverfish might be a bit misleading. There are, of course not a bunch of tiny fish making their way around your home or business! The name might be misleading but the pests themselves are straight-forward: they are ready to eat you out of house and home. Instead of letting these pests slither around your space, call Toodaloo for your North Bay silverfish control and removal.

How To Spot A Silverfish

Silverfish are notoriously hard to spot. These pests are dark coloured with a silver sheen and boy, are they quick! You might catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, only to have it gone already. If seeing one is this difficult, you can imagine how difficult it would be to try to catch one! These pests thrive in damp areas with a high humidity content. Humidity levels in North Bay remain relatively high throughout the course of the year. This average humidity rate over night is around 83%. Anything over 70% might as well be a vacation spot for silverfish populations. This means that bathrooms, kitchens, crawlspaces and even attics can house more than hundreds of silverfish at any given time. Reducing humidity might limit population growth but it will not remove these pests completely.

Your North Bay Silverfish Control & Removal

Treating a silverfish infestation means more than treating adult populations of these pests. Silverfish lay their eggs in difficult to reach areas. Each crease in a floorboard, or gap in a doorframe can be home sweet home for these pests. Without getting rid of these eggs, your North Bay silverfish removal is doomed before it even begins. Between sneakiness and the ability to survive off of pretty much anything, these pests can be very difficult to get rid of.
That is why our Toodaloo technicians treat affected areas of silverfish activity, along with the surrounding areas as well.

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