North Bay Wasp Control & Removal

There are few household pests that inspire as much fear as wasps do. These terrors on wings have been known to invade homes, ruin picnics and set up shop on the upper levels of your property. Instead of giving these pests the run of your property, call Toodaloo for your North Bay wasp control and removal.

The Schedule Of A Wasp

Much like other animals, wasps create their schedules according to seasons. You might notice these pests more so in the summer months but that is only because they are busy during spring. As the weather takes a turn for the warmer, these pests get to work creating nests and food stores. The problem with this? More often than not, these pests build their nests around the trees, peaks and gutters of your property. Having these pests right outside your door is bad enough but when they sneak into your garage or attic, it is even worse! Once these nests are created, and wasps are adequately fed, it is time for play! It is at this time that wasps go in search of sweets and protein – and they can be aggressive!

Proper identification of wasp species is important for more than one reason. Obviously knowing what our technicians are up against is a big help when it comes to proper removal. It is important to know whether you are up against a yellow jacket or a bald faced hornet in order to determine the size of colonies. It is also important to make sure that you are not dealing with bees instead of wasps. If you are unsure exactly what species you are dealing with, our Toodaloo technicians can help.

North Bay Wasp Control & Removal: Safe & Effective Removal

Shooing away one wasp is scary enough on its own, but tackling an entire nest can be downright terrifying. Wasps can often be seen flying solo but they are very protective of their homes. Approaching a nest with the wrong tools or technique can result in some severe bodily harm. Instead of taking a chance on DIY, call Toodaloo for your North Bay wasp removal. A safe, professional and insured North Bay wasp removal is only a call away!

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