Oakville Bed Bug Control & Removal

Bed bugs can be a big bother. We offer Oakville bed bug control and removal on the industrial, commercial, or residential scale, so come to us with any bed bug needs. We promise to get those bugs, and their eggs, out!

Bed bugs are the stuff of nightmares for would-be-sleepers, hotel owners, and more. In fact, it’s fairly safe to say that no one wants bed bugs in their life. Their bites are itchy and sometimes painful, and their eggs are impossibly small. These bugs are carried into buildings, via furniture, clothing, or other objects, and can live without blood, their food of choice, for up to a year. In addition, a female can produce 1-5 eggs a day for her entire adult life.

For these blood-sucking little hitchhikers, one can never be too careful. They can be easy to miss if you are not actively looking for them. They are roughly the same size, shape, and colour of an apple seed, but their eggs are much smaller and white in colour, so can be far harder to find. Even if only a few are missed, the problem can come back again. They can live on curtains, chairs, rugs, and more. In order to get a complete removal with a guaranteed effect, contact Toodaloo.

Oakville Bed Bug Control & Removal: Where Toodaloo Comes in

Toodaloo offers a standard industry warranty on our bed bug removal services, and are the only company in fact to do so. We also offer both chemical and non-chemical treatments. The non-chemical treatment, if requested, would consist of a combination of steam, high heat, and vacuuming. Our technicians provide discrete and efficient work, and can offer comprehensive information and awareness training sessions as well.

Call Toodaloo when those bed bugs come a-calling. You can book an appointment with us online or at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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