Okanagan Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants are some of the most common intrusive insects throughout Canada. With any pest, it is best to act quickly, stopping infestations in there tracks. Bringing in our Okanagan carpenter ant control and removal, gets rid of ants sooner rather than later.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

Although they have similar modis operandi, carpenter ants are not to be confused with termites. Carpenter ants chew wood, turning it into sawdust. This is beneficial for compost and new growth but not indoors. Their habit of chewing is detrimental to homes and properties. Parent colonies are formed outside, usually inside dead or fallen logs, stumps or decorative wood.

Parent colonies grow overpopulated and workers are forced to fly out and find new food and heat sources. Although carpenter ants do chew through wood regularly, it is not a source of food for them. Carpenter ants survive instead on plant materials, other insects as well as any scraps and starches. This diet makes human neighbours a prime target for cast offs.

Worker ants make their way into homes through thin cracks, openings in windows or doors. Ants are even able to tunnel through sound wood in order to gain entry. In a heavily wooded area such as the Okanagan Valley, these types of insects are always around. Ants are beneficial for the environment and as much appreciate all the hard work that they do, our Toodaloo technicians will have them off your property in no time.

Your Kelowna Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

They may be difficult to track by eyesight alone but our Toodaloo technicians use top rated equipment and know-how to find the larger populations and satellite nests of ants hiding behind your walls. Unlike other pest control options, carrying out your Okanagan carpenter ant removal with Toodaloo pest control and wildlife services comes with multiple resources and techniques to ensure that the job gets done.

Book online today to book your Okanagan carpenter ant control and removal or call to speak with one our knowledgeable Toodaloo technicians today,1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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