Okanagan Cockroach Control & Removal

In Canada, cockroaches are seen on television, but often not up close and personal. That, however, does not mean that your Okanagan cockroach control and removal should be taken lightly. Although they may be uncommon, cockroaches are a huge issue when they are present. More so than their creepy appearances, cockroaches are stubborn, refusing to quit while they are ahead.

Getting To Know Cockroaches

Cockroaches move about at night, can live off virtually anything that remotely resembles food. These pests also move quickly and live in nearly impossible to reach areas. They might even be able to survive a nuclear explosion. Those are some tough bugs!

In the cases of many insects, removing their food source can drive them away. While some pests move on to a more prosperous hunting ground, cockroaches do not. They can live off of traces of human food, or starches, and other pests, even the bodies of other cockroaches! Even bits of human debris like hair and nail clippings are roach food.

Okanagan Cockroach Control & Removal: Why Call The Pros

When taking their capacity for adaptation into consideration, along with their general resiliency, eliminating the core problem can be a nightmare! Most insecticides can eliminate individual cockroaches when they are met head on (the same can be said of a shoe!), but when it comes to larger populations, it is time to call in the professionals.

If cockroaches can survive as much as a nuclear blast, customers should be asking “what are most exterminators releasing into your home that CAN eliminate these pests?”

With Toodaloo pest control and wild life services, you never have to wonder about the solutions that our technicians use, because they are all eco-friendly. Your Okanagan cockroach control and removal is done out efficiently, effectively as well as, most importantly, safely, without releasing toxic chemicals into your home or business.

Call today to book an appointment with one of experienced Toodaloo technicians, 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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