Okanagan Flea Control & Removal

The Okanagan Valley is one of the most scenic places in Canada. This area is perfect for hikes or wine tours  but thanks to a mild climate, insects are always lurking around the corner. These pests want nothing more than to make your home, their home. Before scolding your pet for bringing fleas indoors, call in the ‘big guns’ for your Okanagan flea control and removal.

Unfriendly Hitchhikers

Fleas are capable of jumping long ways and can find their transportation just about anywhere. This means attaching to animals, pant legs, in shoes or even hoods. You can never rule out animals, however, as fleas prefer to ride around inside the safety of long fur, often in the form of dogs, squirrels, racoons, rats or mice.

The growing rat problem throughout the region has seen the rodents invading storefronts and homes, taking over properties completely. With the movement of these rats comes the migration of fleas as well.

Fleas are not only capable of causing severe itching from their bites, but are known to spread disease as well. Although they are small, fleas caused the spread of the Bubonic Plague, the largest recorded disease epidemic in history! Fleas survive on the blood of their hosts, making it very easy for them to transmit any bacteria that they have carried into your personal space.

Toodaloo’s Okanagan flea control and removal guarantees complete removal of even the most simple forms of these pests.

Okanagan Flea Control & Removal: Managing Flea Populations

Once they have found themselves a new living space, fleas are crafty, hiding their presence and dispersing themselves throughout the property in order to better preserve their population. Eggs can be found in any fibrous surface, such as carpets, couches, clothing etc. Average flea removal products will take care of the visible, adult fleas but those accounts for approximately 50% of populations. Calling in for professional help ensures a flea-free home with complete removal off not only the adult pests but the eggs as well, effectively stopping the problem at the source. Call or book online today to get those fleas, fleeing!


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