Okanagan Rat Control & Removal

Throughout the widespread area of the Okanagan, there are many predators lurking about. None of these pests are as common as the dreaded rat. Our technicians perform your Okanagan rat control and removal with great care and understanding. We know that any pest issue in this region impacts homes and commercial properties. No matter what type of space you have, Toodaloo can get rid of your rats.

Tracking Movements of Rats

Rats are most disliked for their intrusive nature. Rodents move into homes (uninvited!) and bringing in germs, food contamination and several known diseases. As much as residents dislike these fur-clad pests, no one dislikes them as much as members of the farming community. The Okanagan region prospered in early days thanks to its production and transportation of fruit. This fruit was grown in large orchards on the land. Now a days, the majority of orchards are being transformed into wineries and vineyards. This leaves rats in need of new sources of food and shelter.

Above anything, rats are survivalists and creatures of habit. The smallest traces of food, a water source or even a viable heat source can be enough to lure them in. Replacing hunting grounds with new homes or business properties is not enough to deter this species from an easy meal but can, instead, entice them in!

Okanagan Rat Control & Removal: Getting Rid of Rats

The sounds of paws scurrying overhead may seem like a small concern at first but where there is smoke, there is fire. Just like fire, these rodents spread quickly. When it comes to rats in your home, the best defence is a good offence. Luckily, these are our favorite positions. Our Toodaloo technicians come in, stocked and ready with our unique brand of environmentally friendly removal solutions and techniques in order to give you the best Okanagan rat control and removal results.

Call in to speak to one of our Toodaloo technicians and get the ball rolling and stop the pitter-patter of rodent paws in your attic or basement, 1-844- TOODALOO.

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