Okanagan Silverfish Control & Removal

There is no escaping certain pests throughout the Valley region. Pests that thrive in humidity are some of the worst in this area. If you are stressing about an infestation, call on Toodaloo for your Okanagan silverfish control and removal. Professional service is the first step toward having your home or business rid of these particular insects.

What Brings Silverfish Inside?

The mild, wet climate throughout winter months encourages the growth of silverfish populations. Silverfish live inside homes or business for long periods of time without notice. During this time, silverfish populations swell and thrive. Silverfish need high humidity places to call home, as well as a close and accessible food source. When it comes to these types of insects, the word food is a very broad concept. Silverfish can live off of nearly any starchy substance such as cardboard, adhesives on baseboards or wallpaper, as well as fabrics.

Silverfish are some of the most inconsiderate and damage inducing pests. This put them near the top of the ‘hit list’ for home invaders. Your Okanagan silverfish removal will come as a welcome relief when your home is free and clear of these sneaky insects.

The small appearance of these slimy looking invaders may lead property owners to believe that these pests are better left alone to crawl back into their hole in the wall and be forgotten. These tear-drop shaped pests slither and slide in between cracks and spaces in and around your home.

Okanagan Silverfish Control & Removal: Prevention Techniques

Proper sealing techniques can prevent entry of silverfish (as is the case with many insects) but they are also able to enter your home on the tag-along principal, being carried in packages, in bags or in crates, as well as travelling in from other units when found in a strata living situation.

Our Toodaloo technicians fight back with our own brand of Okanagan silverfish control and removal techniques in order to not only eliminate the visible silverfish but the eggs as well, in order to cut the infestation off at its source. If you feel as though it is too good to be true. Call in and speak to one of our technicians, and let us prove to you that it is not,1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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