Ottawa Bed Bug Control & Removal

What lives along mattresses, drinks blood and is one of the most hated pests in the world? That’s right – bed bugs! Our Toodaloo technicians are forced to square off against these pests on a daily basis! Our Ottawa bed bug control and removal is as popular as ever. No one is ever ready to combat a bed bug infestation but, you should to be prepared! Luckily for Ottawa residents, the only tool you need is the phone number for Toodaloo pest and wildlife services. Calling in professional reinforcements should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Ottawa Bed Bug Control & Removal: Fighting Off Persistent Pests

The biggest problem for Canadians dealing with bed bugs is that they are so resilient. Bed bugs can survive extreme temperatures, up to a year without having a meal, are nocturnal and are hard to see. Adolescent bed bugs do not feed on their own, but eat small organic materials and the droppings of adult bed bugs which usually contain undigested blood. During this time, these immature bed bugs maintain a whitish colour, instead of the reddish brown that comes when an adult has fed. The near-invisibility which comes from this lack of colour and nocturnal nature allows these bugs to thrive, before you even know that they are  there!

Ordinary, over the counter, pesticides will do little to reduce bed bug populations. There are just too many places for them to hide away! Instead of wasting money on ineffective bug bombs, call Toodaloo to get the job done right the first time.

When you call in to Toodaloo, you are enlisting professionals in the pest removal industry. We have the experience, we have the tools, and we have the know-how to perform your Ottawa bed bug removal. Our technicians are friendly, local, knowledgeable and only a phone call away.

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