Ottawa Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants begin their journey outside, in a parent colony, ordinarily made in fallen or rotting wood. Ants will then move on to chew the sound wood of your property. When these insects make the jump from outside to the great indoors, it is time to call Toodaloo. Our Ottawa carpenter ant control and removal gets the pests out every time.

What You Should Know About Ants

Carpenter ants thrive in damp conditions, so it is not unusual to find these critters in your outdoor spaces. Your deck, patios, and even the framing around garden beds can be ideal for carpenter ants. As with any population, ants can quickly outgrow their living space. When this happens, it is time to look for new and bigger real estate.

Until recently carpenter ants were an extremely difficult to get rid of and it is no surprise considering their habits . These insects chew their way into the wooden foundations of your home and set up their satellite colonies. Once they have formed these colonies, the ants stay behind the scenes, hiding out on the other side of the walls and emerging only to steal crumbs where they are available. In the past these methods of secrecy forced pest control experts to playing the guessing game when it came to tracking down these satellite colonies.

Ottawa Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Why Call Toodaloo

Now the guessing game may be fun on the school yard but when it comes to your home, property owners can’t afford to be playful. Our technicians use top of the line equipment in order to find these satellite colonies without putting multiple holes in the walls. Thermal projections allow technicians to see where large pockets of activity are happening, even when they are unable to see first hand.

It is this attention to detail and dedication to our industry that sets Toodaloo pest and wildlife services apart as the best in our field. Call today to book an appointment for your Ottawa carpenter ant removal.


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