Ottawa Flea Control & Removal

Canada has a close relationship with the outdoors and no where less than in our nation’s capital. Both residents and tourists hold the city in great regard, and are sure to take great memories with them when they leave and our Toodaloo technicians want to make sure that these memories don’t include fleas! Our Ottawa flea control and removal helps make the most out of your home or business.

Fighting Off Fleas

There are any member of horror stories about fleas around the Ottawa area but our Toodaloo technicians want to wipe these fleas off the map. Fleas are parasitic insects, feeding off of warm blood, specifically off animals but they will also make the jump to humans. Once fleas are present, they pass their time, making meals out of you, and your family. Flea bites are not just ordinary bug bites but can lead to a host of other health issues.

Flea bites are recognizable as large, swollen bumps with one indicative mark in the middle where the bite entered the skin. Fleas need to eat up to seven times a day, leaving one of these bumps with every meal. The contact the fleas have with your skin can result in heavy rashes in some people. As unpleasant as rashes may be, they are not the worst possible outcome of having fleas in your home. These biting pests transmit tape worms and other illnesses. That sounds like a triple threat of discomfort and health hazards.

Ottawa Flea Control & Removal: Why Choose Toodaloo

All of the unpleasantness that comes along with fleas can be gone in a flash with Toodaloo and our Ottawa flea removal. Our services are carried out professionally and with environmentally friendly materials and solutions. Having Toodaloo technicians behind you is all the back-up that you will need to take on these pesky intruders. We’re here to help you keep your home (and your blood!) all to yourself.

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