Ottawa Mouse Control & Removal

Mice infestations are a dime a dozen throughout Canada. Nearly everyone you know has had to tangle with this furry menace at one point or another. When dealing with an infestation, call Toodaloo for your Ottawa mouse control and removal.

Don’t Both With Traditional Traps

Every year, thousands of people across Canada run out to hardware stores in the hopes of finding a solution to their infestation. Property owners are sorely disappointed when they don’t work. As easy as everyday pest removal solutions sound, there is always more than meets the eye.

Using snap-traps can be dangerous and unpleasant, they have been known to snap when they are being loaded and should you catch a mouse, well – you will have to deal with the aftermath. Snap traps catch one mouse at a time, leaving most of the population to run freely, so most people choose poison to get the job done quickly. Having poison in your home in unappealing, can be dangerous and can cause many unseen problems with your Ottawa mouse removal, such as horrible smells, and bacteria associated with deceased pests. On top of that, having expired mice around the house can be dangerous for your household pests as well. Dogs and cats, especially are keen to hunt prey and will often chew on mice. This can be catastrophe if they should find the body of a poisoned mouse.

Ottawa Mouse Control & Removal: Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. That is why all of our practices and solutions are environmentally friendly. One call to Toodaloo can save you all of these headaches, all the while giving you the best possible Ottawa mouse removal. Put away the snap traps, ditch the poison, and leave it to the pros!

Call today to speak with one of Toodaloo representatives who are always available. Appointments are available by phone or online, so there is nothing standing between you and your Ottawa mouse removal.


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