Ottawa Pavement Control & Ant Removal

Canadians have moved away from constructing our homes and structures as single-dwellings and moved into the world of concrete high-rises. There is no other way to accommodate the ever-expanding populations of Canadian cities. This includes both humans and the pests that haunt them. The good news? There is no infestation that our Ottawa pavement ant control and removal, can’t handle.

This particular species of ant usually stick to the concrete section of the concrete jungle that is Ottawa. All over Canada, pavement ants are creating their homes along sidewalks, driveways and paving stones, but why stop there? These pests navigate their way through any openings within the concrete foundations of both homes, hotels and businesses. Once inside, pavement ants are attracted to crumbs and other food debris that they may find. Greasy foods are a big attraction (for ants and humans!), so it is not uncommon to find them around stovetops and grills.

Ottawa Pavement Ant Control & Removal: Small Pests, Big Trouble

When dealing with sensitive areas like kitchens and areas where contamination is a health hazard, it is important to be safety-conscious. Our Toodaloo technicians operate under the strictest of safety guidelines, practiced and trained by long-term industry leaders and we do so with eco-friendly solutions.

Call Toodaloo pest and wildlife services and speak with one of our technicians about your Ottawa pavement ant removal. Booking an appointment with Toodaloo guarantees an ant-free environment but more than that, you have all the best industry resources at your disposal. Our know-how, state of the art tools and most importantly, the determination that our technicians bring to your door.

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