Ottawa Rat Control & Removal

Rats have long since shared living space with humans. More often than not, these rodents will occupy your space secretly. No one will fault you for not noticing rats for a while but when you do, act fast! As soon as rats appear on your property, seek out an Ottawa rat control and removal service.

The temperamental nature of the Canadian climate is world-renowned. What is not so well-known are the adverse effects that weather changes have on infrastructure. As weather snaps back and forth it causes damages to roadways, pipe systems and all other manner of important structures. As repairs are carried out, they shake up living environments, not just of people but of the rats as well. When rats are forced out of their homes, they need somewhere else to go. Instead of starting from scratch, it is more convenient to move in with you! Spaces as small as a quarter are large enough to fit a rat and they are not known to knock before they come in.

Ottawa Rat Control & Removal: Keeping An Eye On Rodents

Calling in Toodaloo pest and wildlife services ensures that you can send these displaced rats packing. Our Ottawa rat removal tracks the movement of these rodents, finding them wherever they are inside your home or business and coming up with the best possible solution to clear them out.

Our Toodaloo technicians are well-versed in the habits and lifestyles of rats in and around you area, so we know the best way to deal with them. We know how they get in and our focus is to help you get them out! Whether you need our services for a residential, commercial or even a strata property, call today to book an appointment for your Ottawa rat removal.

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