Ottawa Silverfish Control & Removal

Deep inside your basement and attics lays something much more menacing than your old camping equipment and skis. Silverfish are horror stories of the home. These pests might be frightening but our Toodaloo technicians are ready to save the day with our Ottawa silverfish control and removal.

What You Should Know About Silverfish

Silverfish are some of the sneakiest pests around, hiding themselves during the day and emerging at night. During this time, they make a meal out of your things. Although these pests are called silverfish, these household intruders do not strongly resemble the sea-life that you are familiar with. Silverfish are tear-shaped and have a silver sheen with tails and antennae on either side. These insects are very light-weight and glide across the floor, making them very fast. With speed on their side and the fact that they are nocturnal, years can pass before you notice that they are sharing your living space.

Silverfish prefer humid spaces, thriving in climates that are above a humidity level of 71 or higher. This is bad news for the Ottawa region who sports an average humidity level of 82 during the morning hours and dropping to a high 60 during the evening. These high levels make for a perfect environment for these pests to not only survive but to thrive as well. In addition to the naturally high humidity levels in the Ottawa region, human activity in the home can encourage even more humidity. Hot showers, laundry machines, dishwashers, these are all elevating factors, but they are necessary evils in modern times.

Instead of up-ending your daily routines, trust our Toodaloo technicians to take care of your Ottawa silverfish removal. Calling in the pros makes pest removal as easy as dialling a phone number. Call today to speak with one of our Toodaloo representatives and get the ball rolling on your Ottawa silverfish removal.

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